10 best android game released in 2018

This year, we saw a bunch of creazy and excellent game in shooter, rhythm, tower defences, and simulation geners. In fact this might be the best year of mobile gaming that we have ever seen. There was just a lot of new content like PUBG to Alphalt 9, Kingdom Rush Vengeance to Bloons TD 6 .
This is the longest list, so let’s get right down to it. Here are the best Android games of 2018.

Alto’s Odassey

Alto’s Odassey is a 2D, side -scrolling infinite runner and Noodlecake Studio’s biggest launch of 2018. The game feature simple graphics, smooth play and easy mechanics. Players ski down hill and make massive jumps for points. In this game player also collect coins for unlockable content in game’s shop. you also get photo mode because the visual in this game make perfect wallpapers as well as zen mode where you just play and relax. However it,s everybody wins game because of infinite runner.

Friday the 13th

it’s difficult to see horror games on best years list, but Blue Wizerd Digital found a way with Friday the 13th. Friday the 13th feature both horror and puzzel elements, decent mobile controls, and lot of violence and optional gore. You get over 100 levels, there are also a PG mode blood make you squeamish, and lot of unlokable customization for the venerable jason voorhees. This game also support offline gaming. It might be the best fun game during the halloween season, but the mechanics are just good in general.

Alphalt 9: Legends

Alphalt 9:Legends is the most popular new racing game in 2018. It feature solid visuals, solid racing mechanics, and metric ton of missions, events, and challanges to complete. Asphalt 9: Legends include an online multiplayer mode, online social element like club, over 50 unlockable cars, and also campaign mode. You can play for long time before you get everything in this game. Gameloft’s long running racing seriese is popular for a reason. Those who are more into hardcore racing sims may need somthing a little extra, but this is a great for casual racing game fans.

Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories is an excellent new RPG. It has the same exprience of every Monster Hunter game. You have to travel across the globe, collect the monster, train them and fight with them. In this game you get Adventure, action and RPG elements. It uses turn by turn battel structure and also get colourful graphics.My favorite part is the demo version of game. The demo version is actully feel like actual game. I think that is genius idea. The demo version data ports to main version when you purchase the main game. It’s really expensive as $19.99.

HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia has the difference of bening the first Android game launched in 2018. HQ Trivia is one of the most unique quiz game i have ever play in mobile. It feature live quizzes conducted like an actual game show. In this game there are real, actual host. Game run every day a 9PM EST with additional game on week days at 3PM EST. In this game player win acctual money if they last long enough. The game is occasionally slow to respond, but pushing a few hundread thousond people into a single game show can do that. Those who wanting little more typical can also try Trivia Crack 2, another new quiz game in 2018.

HQ Trivia
HQ Trivia

Pocket City

Pocket City like a city building much like Simcity. In this game you start with a plot of land, then build a fuctioning city. In this game you must achive balance through business and residence and expend in a smart way, and deal with things like natural disasters. Players unlock more building and land as they progress and they have to manage things like population happiness and traffic. The game also come with landscape and portrait mode as well as offline support. The free version contain ads. For $3.99, you get more feature and no ads. It might be the best non-freemium city buildind sim on Google Play right now.

Reigns: Game of Thrones

Reigns: Game of Thrones is best card game. In this game players get cards with various storyline on them. You have two option choose one of them like swiping the card left or right. Some choice are very simple like selling the woods and others involves more serious matter. The result of this game is you continue to rise or ultimate downfall. This game also include some Game of Thrones character, story element and themes. The story line of this game in not deep, so many Game of Thrones fans are disappoint. It is one of the better time killer game on mobile, and it goes $3.99 for single purchase with no freemium elements.

Square Enix ( Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, Life is Strange, Valkyrie Profile Lennth)

Square Enix game always find a spot on this list. This year was no exception. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, Valkyrie Profile Lennth, Life is strange are all outstanding new games for 2018. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is best Square Enix game designed from group up for a mobile exprience. Life is Strange is one of Square Enix’s adventure games in recent memory, and Valkyrie Profile Lennth is RPG for fans of old Playstation games. Price of game is vary, but they are excellent game.

Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is one of the top three shooter game in 2018 without question. It’s best standerd mobile shooter.It’s fun to playing with si-fi and action element along with online PvP, sn RPG-style progression system, and there are lots of loot to collect.There are no dought that you get good graphics and exprience as a shooter on mobile. In this game there are not lots of drama, although we would appericate some inventory space.

PUBG Mobile (Game of the year)

PUBG Mobile and fortnite is the biggest hit in mobile gaming world in 2018. This game offer battel royale shooter to the forefront in a way that no other game ever has on mobile. PUBG mobile gives players serious feel and animated graphics expriences. This game has serious mechanics, but still need some work. PUBG Mobile is easier to search in Play store with a lite version for lower end devices. In 2018 you easily notice to everyone talking about PUBG. Thankfully it’s a excellent game.

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