After 14 years, Salman Khan will not worship Ganapati in ‘Galaxy’

Salman Khan worships Ganapati in his Galaxy apartment on Ganesh Chaturthi every year and welcomes him with pomp. For the last 15 years, Salman Khan has been running this tradition continuously. Once Salman Khan had said that his Lord Ganesha has a deep faith because he has been expelled from every crisis.

This year too Ganesh Chaturthi has left for some days. Right now Salman is busy with his upcoming movie “Tiger Zinda Hai” in Abu Dhabi Dubai.

Why Salman will not celebrate “Ganapati” at Galaxy Apartment ?

In fact this year, Ganesh Chaturthi will be staying at the house of Salman’s younger sister Arpita, so the family has decided that the entire family will worship Ganesh Chaturthi on the occasion of Arpita’s house only. Although it is not clear whether Salman Khan will stay in the country at this time or not. Arpita had started the worship of Ganapati in the house of Salman Khan, and since then, every year, the Ganpati is worshiped in a luxury apartment.


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