7 Ways To Live Longer And Healthy

To live a healthy life is a dream of everyone

Healthy Lifr

To live a healthy life is a dream of everyone, irrespective of gender, but there are few who actually make this dream true. We don’t need to do extraordinary things in our life to achieve this dream; some simple habits in a day to day life can make changes in our life, so we need to make just few changes in our lifestyle in order to help ourselves to live longer.

So remember four bad behaviors- smoking, too much having alcohol, not exercising and not taking enough fruits and veggies can push you into a risk of early grave, eventually will lead you to a situation where you feel a weak and unhealthy lifestyle in an early stage of your life.

You can correct these unhealthy behaviors adopting following habits in order to keep your body looking and feeling young.

Avoid Over Eating

It has always been a good idea to leave something in your plate. So try to leave a little bit food on your plate. Study found that the oldest Japanese people stop eating when they feel only 80% full, it means eating less helps you age slower.

Get Yourself Busy

having a satisfying sex life is also good, if you engage with your partner two to three times in a week, it can add as many as three years in your life, because it can burn an impressive amount of calories. Regular sex may also decrease your blood pressure; it also improves your sleep, helps to boost your immunity and most importantly protects your heart.

Don’t Watch Too Much TV

If you spend a lot of time in front of TV, it can also take a serious toll on your health. Study has found that those who spend more than four hours a day watching TV are more likely to die from any cause than those who watch less than two hours a day.

Include Fruits And Vegetables In Your Regular Diet

No doubts that the foods having filled with fiber and vitamins always good for health. Fruits and Veggies lower the risk of heart disease and also play an important role in decreasing the risk of breast cancer.

Physical Fitness

Always make a focus on fitness. Study found that a regular exercise may add an extra four years in your life. Undoubtedly, it gives the positive effects on your heart, mind and metabolism.

Give Up Smoking

It is the most important thing you can easily do for your health i.e. giving up smoking. A study proved that those who quit smoking by the age of 35 can add roughly six to eight years to their lives.

Engage Socially

Don’t let the loneliness come to your life, research shows that if you don’t have a strong network of friends, you are at greater risk of heart disease. So make friends, engage with them socially, discuss and share with them your problems. It will help you to make yourself happy and healthy.

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