A Healthy Heart Seeks Frequent Sex

A Reason To Have Sex More Frequently


Apart from food, there is another way to make you a healthier man. Someone who is having sex more frequently, is actually making himself more healthier, suggests a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

As per the study, the searchers have asked 2,267 people the questions regarding their sexual life as how often they had sex, and took their blood sample to some tests. After the test they observed that the level of homo cysteine is significantly high in those who reported to have sex least frequently in compare to those who were reported to have sex more often or say at least twice a week.

Let’s know what is homocysteine? It is a common amino found in the blood. And often develops due to having meat. And the high level of homocysteine is linked to increase the risk of heart disease. It seems that the homocysteine promotes to develop of fatty plaque in your arteries and also causes to be a factor of clotting the blood. These two things further becomes the reason to put someone at risk of heart attack.

One more interesting finding in this study is that the researchers found no such link in women. They express complete inability to reason behind this, but they speculate that it may be that the sexual stimulation in women is not as reliant on healthy blood flow as it is in men as they require it to keep an erection.

As it was an observational research, it can’t establish that it is a frequent sex that reduces the level of homocysteine, so it can be argued that it may be the men with low level of homocysteine had less sex because of erection problem in first place.

However, the scientists have yet to prove the cause and effect, but there is certainly no downside to having sex more.


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