Accused of Rape, BJP MLA exposed on PHONE TAPE after the victim’s father died of Police Harassment.



BJP MLA KULDEEP SINGH SENGAR accused of Minor Girl’s Rape

Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, India : Last June a minor girl was raped in uttar pradesh, while the family fights for justice over months filing complaints against ruling party BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar and attempts to bring them book been foiled, the 16 year old attempted to kill herself outside the residence of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath accusing him of  protecting the culprit and lawmaker Kuldeep Singh sengar and her brother Atul Singh sengar,


Atul Sengar lead an assault on rape victims 55 year old father, the police in FIR did not named MLA’s brother only naming the 4 others beating the father , the police also didn’t take any action against the brother of MLA, how ever considered the complaint filed by Atul Sengar against the rape victim’s father, the hospital despite the fathers heavy injuries insensitively recommended him to sent to jail, the police arrested the minors father, lashed and trashed him in jail,

INJURY – 55 year old father of Rape Victim
INJURY – 55 year old father of rape victim


and the rape victim’s father died 5 days later in hospital, report from post mortem reveals the shocking commitment of brutality by police in shielding the sitting BJP MLA  Kuldeep Singh Sengar, the cause of death by authorities in autopsy reports “Shock and Septicemia”, “colon perforated and collapsed”, police have confirmed the findings of 14 injuries.

Atul Sengar  have been arrested yesterday for assault and  sent to jail for 14 days, Six Police personnel – two officers and four constables were suspended,

the family of victim has maintained that he died of assault and hospital authorities confirms that the injuries from assault, injuries from police abuse lead to the victim’s father’s death.

Audio Tape from Times Now nails the ACCUSED BJP MLA KULDEEP SINGH Intimidating the Rape Victim’s Uncle Mahesh Singh, abusing and misusing the power of government and control over police and other authorities.

NDTV reports Kuldeep singh sengar rubbished any talk of his resignation. “Just because my name is being taken, should I resign? These allegations are all totally false. The family is trying to malign me. For a year, they have been running a campaign against me on Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp,” the lawmaker said  the father was thrashed over a family dispute. “I want an enquiry against the people who are instigating the family. The truth is that the beating was a fallout of a family divide within them,” he said.


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