8 New Features of Android Oreo 8.0 You Definitely Need to Check Out

Google Officially launched Android Oreo.

Google has officially launched his new Android version as Android O (Oreo). In this new update Google improves security while adding new features in it. Android Oreo is testing phase for the Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X and update will be rolling out via OTA.

The New And Interesting Features of Android Oreo:

1. Faster boot times

One of the first interesting feature of Android Oreo is fast boot time. Before updating to Oreo Google Pixel take 50 seconds to boot from the switched off state. With Oreo the boot time is only 18 second. The device come online faster than before.

2. Auto fill and Smart text selection:

Android Oreo introduces autofill feature, which give the option autofill API to autofill forms and passwords. Google can also retrieve your Google chrome password to your smartphone. Oreo also brings smart text selection, where OS can recognize address and phone number.

3. Notification Dots:

Android applications that have new notices will now have a dot notification symbol. This isn’t altogether new, something comparative has been accessible on a couple of gadgets. With Notification Dots, there is no counter however you can long push on the symbol to look at the notification immediately.

4: Google Now gets New look:

Google Now design also changed with the new version of android. Now you can access lot more content now it offer more news more sources. It also gives you to select new options and new actions.

5: Picture in Picture mode:

Picture in Picture is also great highlights for Android Oreo. This lets you work and also watch the video. In this you can minimize the video to tiny window. Youtube has also announced that this feature will be supported in Youtube Red soon .

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6: Google Play Music Notifications:

Google Play Music also got tiny but colourful update as well. When listening to the music the notification take a dominant colours album art of music. Every music has its on Notification colour, Different music has different colour.

7: Settings Redesigned:

Oreo update will give you the redesigned setting menu . With Oreo, Wi-Fi settings Networks and others are clubbed together, with Google calling it Network and Internet. Essentially, different settings have likewise been consolidated to decrease the quantity of alternatives accessible at one go.

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8:Installing Unknown App getting Simpler:

It’s very easy to install app to unknown source. You don’t have to enable it from setting. Android Oreo Allow Whitelist unknown app installation anywhere without any disturbance. So if you have a Apk then you can easily install without any issues. To keep your device safe there is inbuilt a software available known as Google play Protect. It periodically scans the phone for malware. It also alert if there is any type of danger occur in device.
These were some of new and interesting features we found in Android Oreo. You can also use Google AI and say “Ok Google” command to an unconfigured device and it will take you straight to the configuration screen. Let us know which of these features sounds most interesting according to you ? Tell us your opinion in comment box down below.

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