Anger Is Building Up Among Youths Because Of Unemployment: Rahul Gandhi

Likes’ Make In India’ But Not The Way It Implemented


New Delhi:

Sep 20, 2017

The Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi acknowledged that ‘Make in India’ is one policy that he wished to had introduced by his party’s led government. While speaking at the Princeton University on Wednesday, Mr. Gandhi said that though the Make in India concept is a good program initiated by the Modi government but they are not targeting  whom they should….under this policy. “My implementation and focus would be slightly different.” Mr. Gandhi said in response to questions from the students at Princeton University.

“Mr. Modi thinks that the large business should be targeted, while I feel small and medium companies should be focused and targeted under this policy, because that is where the jobs are going to come from.” Mr. Gandhi told his audience.

Mr. Gandhi was interacting with the students at Princeton University.  During the interaction when some students asked him the reason about the rise of Modi and the formation of Modi led BJP government in India, he admitted that the Modi led government came to power because of the unemployment issue as the people were angry with UPA government over the issue of unemployment.

While admitting the failure of previous UPA government on unemployment issue, he said that the current Modi government also failed to create jobs and unemployment remains an issue among the Indian youths.

“Anger is growing now among the youth, we can sense it, so to me, the challenge is how to solve this problem in a democratic environment.” He said.

“More than 30,000 youth need jobs in every month but government is only creating 450 jobs. So because of the failure of government to create jobs, anger is building up against the government,” he added.

Mr. Gandhi is in US for his two weeklong tours, and he is interacting with students, policy makers and law makers. Last week he spoke to the students at the University of California, Berkeley.

(With Input From PTI and Different Agencies)


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