Battery-free Cell Phone

Harvests energy from ambient light – RF signals

kickkey.comPower being essential for fueling all the technology today, it also have become to be the frontier of scientific advancements to make it easy and advantageous for leap forward of human civilization by using the ambient  radio frequency signals / light to produce energy.

Beyond wireless chargers

As technologies advanced in wireless power consumptions samsung have released galaxy s7 wireless charging and apple granted patent for wireless charging. This design by VAMSI TALLA, BRYCE KELLOGG, SHYAMNATH GOLLAKOTA AND JOSHUA R. SMITH, Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering and Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Washington. consumes only a few micro-watŠs of power harvested from RF signals transmiŠed by a basestation 31 feet (9.4 m) away. Further, using power harvested from ambient light with tiny photodiodes, they have shown that the device can communicate with a base station that is 50 feet (15.2 m) away and can perform Skype call using a battery-free phone over a cellular network, via there custom bridged using a battery-free phone over a cellular network.

Currently the device can perform calling functionality with almost no power consumption so user  can keep the call running possibly forever

team are also so focussed on working towards using this device to stream video platforms using low power e-ink screen.

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Main page of project

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