Bigg Boss 11: Salman Khan Coming With New And Much More Interesting Tasks

The First Task And Format Of The Show Has Been Revealed

We are just a few days away from Salman Khan’s ‘Bigg Boss 11’ show full of controversy and entertainment of colors. Fans of Big Boss are eagerly awaiting the start of the show. Meanwhile, the first task and format of the show has been revealed. According to the report this time, to make the show interesting, there will be many secret tasks and love will be hidden and hidden.


Bigg Boss House Is Now Bigger

According to the report, this time the Big Boss house will be bigger than the rest of the season. Celebrities and comers will stay together but the house will be divided into separate blocks. Homes will have to  work to get immunity. Some members will be given some facilities. On completion of the task, householders will get bonus points.


Neighbourhood Twist

As we told you from the beginning that this time you will find the neighborhood twist you will see in this show. According to our news, the first task of Big Boss’s house is going to be very interesting. In which the members of Big Boss House have to keep an eye on the neighbors. Households have to spy on each other and then have to inform the Big Boss. Neighbors will only win the secret of each other’s contests by leaking the secret. This is the reason why the theme of the Bigg Boss released all the three promos is highlighted.

Apart from this, this time in the house of Big Boss, it will be open-minded. Yes, a home-based consultant will be given the task of dating secrecy. Kapal will be asked to make a hidden date and if his dating neighbours catch him he will be punished. If the couple fails to catch a neighbour, they will be given immunity.

Recently a new promo has been released for Salman Khan and Big Boss of Moni Roy. You also see this video

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