Blue Whale- Trending in Indian Search

With onset of Blue whale Challenge, an online suicide game, a concern for India as a society and nation has increased. In a recent report by Google, India tops the chart of searching the Blue Whale challenge. Particularly Eastern and North-eastern States like Manipur and Nagaland are topping the chart. Among the cities, Kolkata leads globally in searching with the Blue Whale as keyword. The search of Blue Whale has progressively increased over time and it was maximum in the month of August, 2017.

blue whale game
blue whale game

First developed in 2013 by a Russian developer, the game is presumably prompted more than 130 teenagers all across the globe and attracted criticism for the inbuilt temptation to take own life at the last round. It creates a euphoria over the player in 50 days at the end of which the game poses the challenge to suicide as final challenge.

According to Google trends, higher number of search over the period of last one year in India does not necessarily mean that all of them are actually playing the game and taking up the challenges. Still in the backdrop of curiosity and consequent search the concern of teenagers and adolescent people taking up the challenges of Blue Whale is quite high.

According to the report, the most searched keywords – a term used to describe words or phrases – include “blue whale challenge”, “blue whale game challenge”, “blue whale challenge game download” and “blue whale online challenge game download”.

Apart from Manipur and Nagaland, the states with very high number of search are Assam, Jammu & Kashmir and Tamil Nadu.

Considering the potential victimization, Union Minister for Women and Child Development, Ms. Maneka Gandhi has asked the School Authorities to remain vigilant.

“It is sad to see young boys and girls falling victims to this destructive game…. I am sure that if all teachers become vigilant and keep a sharp eye on the behavior of their children, we can prevent further damage,” she said in a letter to school principals across India.

Government has also directed popular sites like, Google, Facebook, and other internet sites to ensure that links promoting this game is efficiently taken down. CBSE also issued directive to 18000 schools to install firewalls and monitor their computers to ensure that game is not installed or played.

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