Can Congress Revamp Itself?


It’s not Modi but Organizational Weakness that haunts Congress for long.

Congress needs a revamp. Not just because of a taller Modi at the other end. Its strategies and media management make any one taller or smaller. And Modi wave is not an exception. Everyone knows Modi just stood in front of the anti-congress wave that was created by Anna Hazare movement despite the fact that the persons responsible for such crimes were put behind the bar.

When a party faces an election, what is most important is the confidence of the cadres which ultimately decides the electoral fall or victory of any party. A party loses its mass base when the cadres hesitate to work from the bottom of the heart. Here is something that Congress should introspect in States and at the Centre…

Congress as   a party shouldn’t let its cadres disheartened due to the mismanagement of the leadership. When you lose a cadre, you are losing a key to your mass base. It has been a popular fashion among the media to blame Rahul Gandhi for whatever untoward incidents happened since 2014 Lok Sabha elections. But the crux of the matter is Rahul Gandhi is a brave leader who continues to fight for the Congress front which has been overexposed by Media as corrupted to the core in 2014. Modi even in the last crucial assembly elections reinstated in the Hindi heart land, the popular base he inherited through anti-Congress movement of 2014.
Even at this juncture, Congress leadership should not underestimate its cadres which are far superior to RSS cadres all across the country. Any tide the grand old party of India can withstand. Any time Modi wave will wither away provided Congress cadres are back to action with confidence. The question here is how to revamp the confidence among the cadres? How to regain the eroding mass base in Hindi heart land including UP, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh where BJP has turned out to be a major player?

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First of all, Congress should equip the organization with effective cadre building measures at the ground level and a well managed election strategies at the top. Whether Congress go for organizational elections or nominations to bring new leadership in State Units and in Frontal Organizations, party has to take a decision with a sense of urgency and stick to it with a sense of responsibility. Congress could have repeated a victory in Uttarakhand had the initial political tragedy of bringing another CM would have avoided. When unpopular CM was sacked and when a popular Harish Rawat was reinstated, as a Government, Congress might have won, but as an organization it had to face an eventual collapse.

In the context of UP results, Sandeep Dixit may be right in saying as an organization, Congress has to have confidence to defend its own strategies. But the question here is was it was a good strategy for the party to go for a three time Delhi CM to lead the organization in UP, where organization was already weak..

Delay in decision making in states units,   in centre and in frontal organizations is something that haunts congress leadership for long. Recently, when Delhi went for MCD elections, Congress had actually a   DPCC President without a committee. It is unfortunate that for last three years, Pradesh Congress Committee has not constituted. But this is high time to shed away ego war and hand over responsibilities to the concerned leaders at the top and to the cadres who work day and night among people to reinvigorate a party that has to forever keep the idea of India intact…

In the coming days, Rahul Gandhi, when he takes over as Congress President, has to face this crucial acid test of cleansing the party of worst coterie politics and ego wars that are naturally epidemic in any ruling establishment.

Secondly, and most importantly, Rahul’s vision of a new India in contrast to that of a “Modified India” has to be properly communicated to the masses.. The electorate of our country has to see how rigorously Rahul Gandhi in the coming days would revisit UPA’s Integral Vision and usher a pan Indian socialist lineage of policies and programmes countering ‘The Dream Merchant’. In Parliament and in election campaigns in States and at the Centre, Rahul Gandhi may keep a shield of leaders like Shashi Tharoor, Jyotiratiya Scindia and Sachin Pilot, keeping in mind a tit for tat for Modi and his distorted vision of development on one hand, and on the other for boosting the confidence of the allies and other oppositions parties that could be affected by Tall Leader syndrome after a big BJP victory in UP. As a further follow up, in CWC and in AICC committees as well, Rahul Gandhi has to go for both Young and experienced leadership replacing the old vanguards whose strategies are in effect disillusioning both the workers and well wishers.


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