Controversy Over Actor Vijay’s Movie “Mersal”

BJP Demands To Drop Reference To ‘GST’


Mersal a Tamil movie directed by Atlee Kumar is in a big controversy for criticizing the government for imposing GST on medical services by its lead character. In the movie there is a reference to a pathetic condition of medical services provided by government hospitals.

Actor Vijay played the main character and the film was released on 8th Oct, 2017.

Tamil Nadu unit BJP leaders have demanded removal of scenes “Mersal” as they think that the film provides incorrect information about the ‘GST’. However, public is supporting the movie and its makers.

The whole controversy take a new look on the twitter and #MersalVsModi started trending.

Union Minister Pon Radhakrishnan said,“The film producer should remove the scene regarding GST from the film,” while senior leader of BJP, H Raja tweeted, “It is not true that Singapore has free healthcare. In India, school education and the hospital is free. Joseph Vijay’s hatred for Modi is Mersal.”

When people heard about the filmmakers are thinking of editing the scenes which criticize GST after opposition from BJP leaders, people came out in support of makers and start trolling Modi government over social media.

While reacting on the recent controversy over the film, director P A Ranjith said I don’t see that there is any portion  which needed to be removed in the film and  I am of the opinion that ‘Mersal’ addresses the GST and other issues faces by the people of country.  Moreover people have enjoyed and appreciated the film in the theater. Politicians should take the hint and reconsider these issues.”

 Famous Tamil actor Kamal Hasan also came out to support the Vijay’s film along with his father SA Chandrasekhar.

Indian Medical associations have criticized the “Mersal” for its reference to medical professionals in a very bad light. The associations have also demanded to its members to boycott the “Mersal”.

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