Every Indian must know why Army, Navy and Air Force salute the national flag in different ways.

If you are doing it wrong, you are insulting your  nation.  So, you must know about the flag and its protocols!

A salute is a gesture which represents respect and trust towards your nation.

Salute fills an energy among soldiers which encourages a pride in their shining uniforms while at the same time energize their own eyes by reminding them all of its customs of gallantry and obligingness.

The salute is the highest form of respect which is displayed by any Armed Forces or any citizen.

In India, all the three forces salute differently with the Indian Army and the Indian Navy following the British tradition.


In India the Indian army salutes the flag by keeping the palm open in forward direction, with fingers and thumb together and right eyebrow touched by middle finger. This is regularly accompanied by the regimental accompanied, eg: “Sat Sri Akal” in the Sikh Regiment.  A weapon hand with the open palm gesture and establishes trust between them and it also proves the person saluting does not have any bad intension and no weapons hidden anywhere.


The Indian Navy salutes the flag with palm facing towards the ground at a 90-degree angle to the forehead. The reason behind this is to hide the hands of sailors that get dirty due to oil or grease stains while working on the ship.


The Indian Air Force salutes the flag with the right arm raised sharply by the shortest path from the front,  and made a plane at 45-degree from the palm to the forehead. . It is actually in between the Army and the Navy salutes.

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