Failing Universities of India-Ravish Kumar’s series

Failing Universities of India – Ravish Kumar’s series gives a ravish look at the state of affairs in Indian universities, he also rejoices at his failure of ordaining any impact !!

raavish on Universities

 “Our Politicians never campaign on critical issues like education or health care, which is actually good because that’s what is expected of them, neither students nor faculty or public ever speak about the lack of infrastructure and teaching staff in many or not most of the universities in India. Because  people of the country have forgotten that the root of devlopment is strong education system.

Government anyhow have identified few education center as centers for excellence and left the rest beyond fragile; universities in India are not even meeting the UGC guidelines to qualify these education centers to be one of the World Class Universities.

While state govt is changing the history textbooks and playing Hindu and Muslim politics rather than addressing key issues in education and health care; The future seems not so bright for the millions of Indians who are dreaming about developed India.

Mainstream media also plays a key role in this menace, majority of fourth estate have tendered to be part of promotional campaigns for political agenda rather than being a institution questioning the establishment.


Ravish Kumar is NDTV India’s prime time host and India’s most reputed news anchor, his style of journalism is prominent with his straight on the point agendas, progressive approach towards informing people with most important issues has always been the crux of his reporting.

He started “University Series” in his Prime time show few weeks in a hope to shed lights over failing university and central governments lack of ability to develop the education system.

rajnath singhNow the reporter believes he failed and ‘none’ is the impact of his university series on politicians but without losing the hope he visited K V COLLEGE Mirzapur, Uttar pradesh, India where Home Minister Rajnath Singh have pursued his B.Sc – Bachelor’s Degree Science,also worked as Faculty later in his career till 2000 and resigned when became Chief minister of UP.

There is currently no permanent teacher in the physics department where home minister rajnath singh worked as faculty, Students are taking classes from temporary lecturers and pvt. coaching institues, poor student who can’t afford fees for coaching centers will be frustrated of our failing EDUCATION SYSTEM and drops out in following academic years, this drop out Ravish kumar quotes as “Thrown Out” because technically university takes admission of students but unable to complete their responsibility of providing faculty & least basic infrastructure to the students which lead to high drop out rates.

rajnath singh college

After visiting the college’s dust settled laboratory he concluded the intention of politicians with the state of affairs of the prestigious college, the lab is covered in dust and Ravish kumar hilariously “newton to galileo will be making beedies in the dust settled labs if one wanders during night, here’s madamė curie and einstein laugh and jagadish bose to homi bhabha will be making poems on trees planted on moon”; according to the a student faculty earns extra cash by passing the student in lab exams and the college is hugely understaffed.

Dusty college UP

“this is just one university in one state of the country with 29 states, ravish kumar states to cover the affairs of India’s Higher Education system the team of 2000 reporters working with 20000 editors which he can’t afford. he also noticed how students/public/ speak out regarding this issues politically similarly like our politicians who are to be public representatives who are in fact capable of solving these issues.”

modiWell, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech on 25 december 2014 at varanasi portrayed enormous confidence in his plans to export india’s young teachers/faculty to foreign countries because we have or will be having excess of teachers apparently….


you can watch the video of “University series” at NDTV India.

Inputs from Prime Time, NDTV india 26th October 2017


  1. Congratulations! Ravish kumar has done great service to indian students by presenting this programme. It would be a good idea to analyse all the educational policies, because the root cause of problems lies there. Mindless policies framed by people sitting in ivory towers are detrimental to the education system.

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