Foldable, Dual Screen Mobile : ZTE AXON M will revolutionise the mobile Industry.

Welcome to the Dual screen Mobile ERA !

Unlocking unlimited potential to Multifunctionality, ZTE USA the 4th largest Mobile device supplier of USA have launched Axon M foldable Dual screen with engineering as basic as ‘HINGE’.

ZTE AXON M dual screen mobile phone

Every mobile generation or functionality module updated to a mobile phone either its 2g, Bluetooth, wifi,  dual sim, smartphones or operating systems like android, blueberry, ios revolutionized to take the mobility to the next level, this revolution have always inspired Mobile phone makers to look for frontier of technology.

Zte Axon is powered with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 821 Chipset with Quad-core, 4 @ 2.15GHz, 230 gms (8.1 ounces) weight, The 20MP camera captures 4K video and Electronic image stabilization means you always get the shot, even on the move. And with an f/1.8 aperture lens you can shot in low light mode and a quick launch button which launches default TV mode.


Every thing in Zion might seem like every other flagship mobile but the standout feature is the Foldable Dual Screen which adds a new dimension in mobile phone functionality, there is multitasking functionality in many smartphones, with good ram power, world class processors with multi cores the functionality is proven to be productive for many flagship phone users, but single screen mobiles will always functions at the cost of reduced screen share with other apps or swapping between both apps, Dual screen is whole new arena in multitasking.
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The Display mode comes with multi splitting option which unfold many opportunities to perform multi functionalities with single piece of technology in your palm,    

Mirror option display mode mirror the content in both screens, the extended display mode provides the single app extended functionality like reading articles from your websites or a book which is now more easier to read, apps like youtube can be used with a screen for video and another for going through comments.

App developers unlocks potentials :

In dual display mode multiple app can be used in different screens, this multitasking functionality will provide the required leap for developers to provide a new and interesting apps which will increase users productivity in coming time ahead.

The app market hubs a lots of developers looking to provide new functionalities for the technology to come in, even though the world seems enough of apps already providing wide opportunities for users to expand their productivity, technology industry always look forward to extend their expertise to platforms which provides productive technology and maximise the usage. The explored arena is best utilized only if end users find the productive criteria of their time in senses to existing technology.

The flip screen folds using a hinge also converts the mobile into  a entertainment device, using mirror display mode two users can view the same screen which for example run a video can now be enjoyed by both sides of the screen. Similarly the flip stand functionality can also be used to operate different apps by two different users in single device.

ZTE Axon M comes with 64gb internal memory and 4gb Ram; fingerprint sensor on side; speakers and USB C plug at the bottom; powered by 20 megapixels camera which works as both rear and front facing camera and 3180 mAh battery, at 725$ this single piece of technology can be utilized by users to unlock the new potentials in mobile device operation.

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