Foods to Avoid for Better Sex Life


Everyone wants to look like healthy, young and feel better in life.

But to follow the way to accomplish this desire is sometime not easy. Those who take this seriously enjoy the life more in compare to those who do not. Taking care of life is the whole concern of self as no one can exactly knows what is going on in one’s internal world.

This subject is important as it suggests some steps which can make your life healthy and calm. A healthy man enjoys his sexual life more than that of a weak one. A healthy lifestyle requires proper food and regular exercise and if you follow these two things in your life it means you are in a way to make not only yourself look good and feel better but also it will improve your sex life as well. So you have to make sure you are taking a proper balanced diet in your daily life, because right nutritious foods always considered to be a factor for a good health. Unhealthy and unhygienic foods should be avoided as it leads to decrease the sexual desire and gradually can impact your sex life. Better libido demands hygienic and healthy foods. So indulging in unhealthy food is not a good practice if you want to live a successful sex life. Once you indulge yourself in unhygienic foods and poor eating food habits it will certainly invite some serious health issues like weight gain, blood flow problems.

While certain foods play a negative role in a way of healthy life. It is also a fact that there are certain foods which play a positive role in achieving a good health and boosting libido and help improving sexual arousal.

Ignoring the healthy food habits can never accelerate your sex life. Here are some bad foods which need to be avoided for better libido and sex life.



One should avoid having meat in food regularly, though it has protein and zinc but it is a very heavy diet and it also attracts a lot of fats and cholesterol. Gradually it develops high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Due to its heaviness it is supposedly associated with high blood pressure and eventually effects the blood circulation and sexual function as well. So it is one of the most avoidable foods to prevent undesirable factors which help in decreasing better libido.

Fast and Fried Food

The Caniac Combo features chicken fingers, crinkle-cut fries, Cane's Sauce,

It is a bad to include fast and fried foods in diets, these foods always contribute in making you weak and keeping you inactive. So these are wrong choices for food, and you should avoid these unhealthy habits. They contain huge quantity of Trans fats. Gradually, these fats could be concern for a better sex life. So always avoid these fast and fried foods for living a successful sex life.


Red wine pouring into wine glass, close-up

Usually one does not care for a short time relaxation and enjoyment, when it comes to have a glass of wine, but it might not be good in terms of good health. Consuming alcohol can only increase the problem in sex life and it helps in decreasing arousal. So you need to avoid consumption of alcohol for developing better libido



As per the latest study, Mint foods are also found unhealthy. As it is found that Mint is a herb that helps lowering libido. And most of Indian families use Mint in their regular diets. It is advisable to avoid the Mint mixed foods in order to get better libido and happiness in sex life.


Penne pasta

Like fast foods and fried foods, Pasta is also considered to be a wrong choice for foods. Because when you have Pasta in your foods, it is generally observed that you have it more in compare to other foods. The body leans to converts them into glucose and if you do not active physically, it will get stored into body as fats. So Pasta must be avoided for better libido

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