Fukrey Returns Movie Review : Package Of Comedy And Masti

Fukrey Returns Movie Review

Fukrey Returns Movie Review : Some movies have different fun to see, just do not use your mind to watch them, watch the movie with laughter and grief. The same movie is ‘Fukrey Returns‘ which is a sequel to the film ‘Fukrey’, released in 2013. This comedy film, released alongside the Same Director and Actor, will once again give the audience a laughing dose.

Movie Review : Fukrey Returns Story

Fukrey Returns Story – The story of Fukrey Returns is based on Fukra Gang ie Honey (Pulakit Emperor), Zafar (Ali Fazal), Chucha (Varun Sharma) and Lali (Manjot Singh). Out of which, Honey and lali’s expenses depends upon the unique dreams of Chucha. In the meantime, one day suddenly a snake bites chucha, due to which he sees the future. On the other hand, Bholi Punjabann (Richa Chadda) is in prison because of all these four. She is yearning to come out of the jail and to withdraw their immersed money from them. After all the efforts, Bholi goes out of jail. Then begins the turmoil in the life of these four, begins to recover money from all four. Well there is anyone other than Bholi who wants to take an old revenge from them, who is that person and what does he want from these fools? Like every time, due to the unique dream of Chucha, will they be rich? And will they be able to pay for naïve money? You will have to see the film to get answers to all these questions.

Fukrey Returns Movie Review : Direction

Direction- This movie, created in the direction of Mrigdeep Singh Lambba, is a great comedy movie. The dialogues of the film are so great that the audience will not be able to stop them from laughing. Camera work is also fine. But if you talk about the story, it could have been even better.

Acting – Once again, four Fukras have given life to the film even after having a very simple story. In particular, Varun Sharma entertained people completely with their fun dialogues and acting in the entire film. At the same time, Richa Chadha proved that she is a great actress who can fit perfectly into any role.

Music– The music of the movie is absolutely fine in terms of story. ‘Tu Mera Bhai Nahi Hai’ song you will love. The rest of the songs also go along with the story.

Should Watch Or Not..??

If you are bored with serious movies and want to see some fun and comedy, then you will love this movie. The movie is fully Paisa Wasul.

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