Why Your Girlfriend Shows Disinterest In Sex

Emotion Plays A Big Role In Making Love

Women not intrested


Taking care of personal life is in human nature, and when it comes to one’s sexual relationship, man always pays extra attention. And man always seeks a calm, healthy and stable relationship as he considers these the greatest joys of life. But having a successful and healthy sexual life is not a one way relation. It’s a mutual understanding where man and his partner share equal compassionate for each other.

A new study reveals that there is a chance that by passing the time the interest in sex could be decreased. And more shocking thing is that if you are a guy who dates women, partner, or long-term girlfriend, your partner might get bored to of having sex with you.

It is not that a woman only gets bored of having sex, but as per study it is woman who is most likely to lose interest in making love in compare to her male partner.



As per study published in the British Medical Journal, statistic claims that it is a girl who is four times more likely than a male in showing disinterest in sex. It sounds alarming. But what are the factors that contribute to this tendency. Study notes that there are several factors that lead to this situation. Some of which are related to health and some are tragic realities like sexual abuse.

It is fact that the age plays an important role in sexual relationship. The men are most likely to lose their sexual desire between the age of 35 and 44. While in women it lies between 55 and 64.

While conducting the study, over 11000 people participated and they were asked about their sexual relationship. 15 percent of men are reported to be shown lack of interest in sex for three months or more in the past year in compare to34 percent in women who lacked interest in sex.


Women are more sensitive in this regard. They do not want make sex with someone who is not close to them emotionally, so during the sex they want more emotional feelings from their partners and if they do not feel comfortable to talk to their partners about sex, they are more likely to turn down the offer of making love.

So it is very important to connect with female emotionally and make them feel very comfortable about talking sex during the act, doing so it could be made possible a loving, healthy and calm sexual relationship, and ultimately a joyful life can be achieved.

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