Why Hyderabad does not deserve” LOV Hyderabad” statuette

Hyderabad Love statue was inaugurated by the IT minister KTR


Hyderabad Love statue was inaugurated by the IT minister KTR in November 2016. It became a popular selfie place for the youngster to show love for Hyderabad.
Every day, at Necklace road people can be seen around the structure smiling, chuckling and taking pictures.
But, what statute was two months ago does not remain the same. It has been tarnished, scratched, bruised and raped. Hyderabad certainly does not deserve such a statuette and failed to show the love which it deserved.

Here is what the city has done to the statute:
Scribbled the name of the lovers: While we witness, India progressing at quite a pace but still we see people destroying the heritage of Indian places by scribing names of their lovers at the monuments. The same has happened with the statuette as well. If you love someone, built a Taj Mahal, get it printed on the wedding card or show your love to your partner by giving those hickeys on their bodies but do not torment the heritage of the city.

Do not stand: Do not stand on the statute. Show some respect! Click the picture and go home. There is a long necklace road to walk, jog and see but not stand on the statute.

Stop the Hypocrisy: You show love over Social media by clicking selfie saying “I love Hyderabad”. This is the way you show love, standing and floundering on the statute? Stop the hypocrisy, right away!

Do not break the traffic signal: Since the spot has become an attraction, people have started parking their vehicles on the wrong side, breaking the traffic signal laws. Although there is a GHMC parking just opposite to it, bikers are seen violating the rules and adding chaos to the already increasing traffic in the city.

Have civic sense: we all come from different backgrounds and upbringing but we have certain norms to behave in a public place. Give space and time to other people to click pictures. Do not rush and misbehave.

Stop using cuss words: Since the Hyderabad has become one of the best cities to live in, it has attracted many invitees from different places globally. We all represent our own city, do not use cuss words. That is not a cool way to give an impression of the city.

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