India Ranked on Top As Most Corrupted Country In Asia | Forbes List 2017

Most Corrupted Country In Asia

The central government is making claims of reducing corruption in by “Demonetization” and some other ways. But according to Transparency International and Anti Corruption Global Civil Society Organization, India is the most corrupted country in Asia, the country will have to make a long way to go free from corruption.

According to the recent survey of Transparency International, India is the most corrupt country in Asia. The list released by Forbes is the names of Asia’s five most corrupt countries. According to its report, India has left Vietnam, Pakistan and Myanmar in the case of bribery.

However, in the article printed in the magazine, PM Modi has been praised for the fight against corruption. It says, however, the fight against PM Modi’s corruption has made his mark. 53 percent of people believe that Modi is doing the right thing and it has got a feeling of strength in people, while 63 percent believe ordinary people can make changes.

Vietnam is followed by India in the list, where rate of bribe is 65 percent whereas Pakistan is at fourth with 40 percent. The 18-month Transparency International survey has been done on 20,000 people from 16 countries. Turndog, based in Berlin, ranked India 76th in 168 countries last year. According to the survey, the largest ration in India is given in schools (58%) and in health services (59%).

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