Judwa 2 : A full Entertainment Package

It’s a rebirth of Salman Khan after 20 years.


When Judwa was released in 1997 no one had imagined that after twenty years it will be remaked and there will be a new Salman Khan, though the Judwa was not a movie that could be listed in an all time greatest hits, but it had some nostalgia movements, and Judwa 2 would certainly take you to twenty years back.

Judwa 2 has some similarities with Judwa but it has full entertainment package itself, if you are a very thinking mind person who watch movies with a great care of all aspects of cinema, so there is a little embarrassment for you because it does not make sense when it come to the story, but if you are a big fan of Salman Khan, you will find the film very impressive.

Varun Dhawan who played Raja and Prem like Salman Khan in Judwa, he is too good when it comes to portray Salman Khan as he successfully exposed his six packs and all exposures are very close to what Salman had done in Judwa. Watching Varun to compare him with Salman would be injustice with him as he has also made a great effort of his own.

The film starts when a smuggler Charles kidnapped one of the twins right after his birth and both grow separately, one grows up in Mumbai and the other in London. Both the role played by Varun. As they grow up, whenever they close to each other they always react in a similar fashion. As Raja and Prem both entertain with their similar behavior, Alishka and Samara played by Jacqueline Fernandez and Taapsee Pannu respectively join Varun. Though both of them only played a glamour part of the film but their entry certainly adds more entertainment. Once Prem carries an unconscious Samara to her home, Samara’s mother asks him what you have done with her, instead of reply to her mother Prem starts kissing Samara and her mother as some where Raja was doing the same thing.

Apart from Varun, Jacqueline and Taapsee the film also has Anupam Kher, Rajpal Yadav,Vivan Bhatena and Pawan Malhotra.

All of them are good, but it is Varun who dominated most of the part and he does not disappoint the audiences.

Over all Judwa 2 is a more than average entertainment package with huge amount of good comedy and worth watching at least once.

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