MNS Chief Raj Thackeray Slams PM Modi, Calls Him A Liar

Won’t Allow Bullet Train Project In Mumba: Says Raj Thackeray

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Mumbai: Sep 30, 2017-09-30

In a deadly stempede that killed 22 people at the Elphinstone railway station in Mumbai, MNS chief Raj Thackeray came down heavily on the government. He warned the government that “not a single brick will be allowed to be put for the bullet train in Mumbai” until the infrastructure of local railways was improved and better.

Mr. Thackeray also warned the government that he will not allow even a brick for bullet train project to be laid. He said that first resolve all the basic issues of Mumbai’s local commuters. “If Mr. Modi wants to go ahead with the bullet train project let him do it in Gujarat. If they use force we will also respond,” Mr. Thackeray added.

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Mr. Thackeray also slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not fulfilling his promises made by him during the 2014 general election campaign. “We have never seen a PM who is such a big liar. During the election campaign he made big promises and then dismissed them as ‘election jumlas’. How much can a person lie in this fashion?” Mr. Thackeray asked according to the news agency INAS.

Continuing his attack on the government, Mr. Thackeray claimed that replacement of Suresh Prabhu as railways Minister by Piyush Goyal was nothing but an exercise for pushing through the bullet train project. “Mr. Prabhu was good while this Goyal is useless,” he said.
“Why do we need terrorists or enemies like Pakistan? It appears that our own railway is enough to kill people,” Mr. Thackeray added.

Mr. Thackeray also reminded the government that it had not taken any step for building a new bridge at stampede site despite his party had written on a number of times for the same. He also alleged that the government had ignored Kakodkar Committee’s recommendation that proposed an expenditure of one lakh crore to improve the railway infrastructure.

The MNS chief also announced that he will lead personally a demonstration on October 5 to church gate to oppose the bullet train project and appealed all Mumbaikars to participate in large numbers.
(With Input From PTI and IANS)

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