Police warn parents about Saraha app(SARAHA)

The anonymous electronic messaging app Sarahah has become a web sensation and other people can not stop talking  it. Sarahah, which implies honesty, permits the users to send a text messages to anyone — Who have this app — while not revealing the identity of the sender.


However, an exact section of individuals is victimisation it to vent out their hate and for cyber bullying. Many folks have complained that the app is getting used to send hate messages, because it is associate anonymous app that the receiver has no clue regarding the sender. Keeping this in mind the Police departments in U.S.A. cities of Kansas, Michigan and New Zealand have warned oldsters against the app. The app will have a harmful result on teenagers and might result in dangerous consequences. The app is designed to give honest and constructive feedback to the users.

One of the major disadvantage of the app is that it has no age verification, which means that teenagers can make account on the app as well.

Along with Sarahah there’s another app known as Yellow that is gaining quality in North American country. The app is somewhat like tinder. It permits users to be friends with strangers then meet them. Last month, a 41-year-old man was arrested in a very case of kid porn just in case of the Yellow app. the most dawned bit with a 12-year-old woman via the Yellow app.

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