Poster Boys Movie Review : Fun To Watch

Poster Boys Movie Review

Poster boys’ story is inspired by a true incident when three People found themselves in the poster of a sterilization due to the mistake of the government excuse.

In the light-hearted style of actor Shreyas Talpade, trying to say this story on the silver screen is stupendous. Tickling and laughing, he has taken a lot of cinematic liberty, but if you sneak it out, then the movie will be entertaining you completely. The fate of the direction of creditlessness is complaisant-compliments. The biggest thing about this film is that it does not shy away from laughing at itself. Shreyas’s comedy has a good catch on top and this is what we have seen in his films before and this is also seen in this film.


The story is that three people who accidentally appear to promote it in sterilization posters. These three characters are Jagwar Chaudhary (Sunny Deol), Vinay Sharma (Boby Deol) and Arjun Singh (Shreyas Talpade). Sunny is the Chowdhary of the village, then Boby is a master of a school in the film, who talks very purely in Hindi. Shreyas Talpade is in the role of Recovery Agent whose job is to recover from the people.

When these three know that in their name sterilization is being promoted among the people, and then they decide to fight against the state government who is responsible for their insult


Everyone acting in this movie is better than average. You can not expect from Sunny and Boby Deol that they will cross the boundaries of acting, but here you will have to say that Boby has seen a little better than his previous films. Shyeyas’s comedy timing is awesome but his two disciples in the movie are very fun two watch, both new comers who played disciples of Shreyas’s have joyfully make laugh to audience.

Ashwini Kalasekar is in the role of doctor and his performance is outstanding, Regardless of his screen appeal will be 15 minutes in the entire movie, but whenever he comes on the screen, it is fun to watch him.

 Screenplay and Dialog

Some of the scenes in this movie are very fantastic. I would not say that they appear completely innovation, but even now, the level of comedy better than what we are seeing in the rest of the films is better than this movie. Directly speaking in simple words, the handwriting has been taken care of and dialogues which are experienced in comedy films have been worked hard on them.

When Shreyas goes for recovery for the first time, there is a complete opportunity to laugh at that scene. Apart from this, when Ashwini Kalasekar is brought to check-up due to poor health of Shreyas’s girlfriend in the night, that scene is also very funny. It is good to see that Sunny is also getting a step by step with the formation. His well-known dialogues have also been thrown in the film in a different fashion.


But there is no flaw in this film. If Sunny is fond of Selfie, then it is not necessary that people will laugh at this style. It’s a big bore. Sunny takes selfie with peoples after beating them the for proof. This thing is not digested at all. These films do not come true on all the parameters of the comedy films but it is fun to watch it because the other comedy films that are being served today are completely nineteen compared to the ones that are being served to us nowadays.

The story and the screenplay

The story and the screenplay is the power of this movie, for which will have to thank Bunty Rathore, Paritosh Painter and Shreyas himself. This thing is not hidden from anyone that comedy for Sunny and Boby is ver difficult, but exact writing of story and screenplay makes it easy.

This is a lightweight film, for which you do not need to get involved with the brain. This movie can be a way of entertainment for you this week.

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