Prakash Raj Slams PM Modi Over Gauri Lankesh Murder Silence

Prakash Raj Slams PM Modi

Best Known for his For his negative characters, famous actor Prakash Raj slams PM Modi and has strongly condemned Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Prakash Raj has also said that PM is also a good actor for me. After the Gauri Lankesh massacre, those who gave abusive reproach to the journalist have expressed their resentment over the issue of PM Modi following social media. Speaking on the occasion of the inauguration of the 11th State Conference of the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) on Sunday, Prakash Raj said, “Those who killed Gauri Lankesh could not have been at the hands of the police but there were many people Who celebrated Gauri’s death in social media. ‘ Prakash Raj said – ‘We all know who were the people who celebrated such a death on someone’s death, What ideology were they? Some of these were those who crossed the limits of shamelessness and Prime Minister Narendra Modi also followed these people on social media. This is the most dangerous for our country, not knowing where this country is going. ‘

Prakash Raj Slams PM Modi : Prakash Raj Also Lashes Out On UP CM Yogi Adityanath

prakash raj on yogi
Raj had said on Monday , “When you hear the statements of Adityanath, then you can not understand that he is a Chief Minister or a Pujari.” He said with a sarcastic spirit, “Adityanath is also a good actor from me. I am thinking that I should give all my national awards to him. “However, Prakash Raj later refuted the news of returning his national awards, saying that I am a fool who should return five-five awards. These national awards have been given to me for my work and I am proud of it.

Prakash Raj Slams PM Modi : Talking About His Relation With Gauri Lankesh

Prakash Raj Slams PM Modi and further said that the prime minister’s silence against the killing of Gauri Lankesh and those who celebrate his death means that he is exempting them from all his followers. Let me tell you that there was a longstanding relation between Prakash Raj and the woman journalist Gauri Lankesh. Both knew each other for 30 years. After the assassination of Gauri Lankesh on September 5, Prakash Raj himself spoke of his association with him.

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