Public Money used for Political Campaigns by BJP

IT Firm hired to boost social media promotions & online reputation management


  • Central & state ministries hire PR firms for IT Solutions and boost twitter trends.
  • Twitter Hashtag amplification by Social Media Managers on political issues.
  • Proxy government contracts to fund party IT cells.
  • Sreenivasan jain’s team at NDTV crackdown on “Silver Touch”.

Twitter Trends

Twitter trends amplifying is a real deal for politicians and politics issues with the growth of social media influence. IT CELLS are developing new content propagating the respective party agendas.

In the midst of this promotion campaign Twitter hashtag trends are major tool to reach larger audience, but these trends can be amplified by increasing number of tweets in short duration of time with same hash tag, if multiple accounts from multiple locations across the globe tweet with same ‘#’ hashtag twitter consider the hashtag as a trend and promote the trend to larger audience across the globe, this accounts tweeting these hash tag may be of some volunteers or real people using multiple fake profiles or twitter farms (firms employing people for tweeting any promotions or this case political agendas) or Bots.

IT cells are organised by every major political party across the globe to publish and promote these agenda; BJP and it subsidiaries are known for Copy-Paste tweet trends while any major political agenda promotion, many media outlets have reported these pattern of twitter promotions in most political issues and there is enormous outrage by political pundits over modi government’s social media spendings to boost their political agendas.

How are IT Firms Involved 

Sreenivasan Jain and his team at NDTV have reported on one such firm behind the social media dominance,  on 25the August 2017 violence erupted in parts of Haryana over DERA chief Ram Rahims conviction, Chief Minister M.L khatar have been criticised by media and other twitteriates as he have failed to contain the Violence, to manage the criticism BJP IT cell tweets multiple Copy-Paste tweets with “#haryanawithhkattar” and to amplify hashtag to trend a agent who claims to be of BJP IT cell Bhargav Jani with handle @bhargavjanibjp tweeted 63 Tweets in 92 Minutes.

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Team crackdowns on this PR agent whose profile also states as Social media Manager at Silver touch from December 2016, so, Silver touch based in Ahmedabad on is a IT firm founded in 1992 and generated 53% revenue from Government contracts providing IT Solutions like maintaining Websites, developing apps, their clients include 17 Departments from Government of Gujarat also private  companies like Reliance, Adani, Nirma and many more,

Himanshu Jain with twitter handle ‘HeMan NAMO’ one of directors of Silver Touch company also identified tweeting Pro Bjp Tweets and during crisis amplifying hashtags trends along with Bhargav Jani during office hours;

but how are they funded ??

To dig further this rabbit hole Manas Pratap Singh of NDTV called Silver Touch posing as representative of a minister from UP, the call intended for Bhargav jani was directed to Dinesh Jaiswal, during the telephone conversation NDTV team have uncovered that this work the firm terms the management of issues as  “online reputation management”

then the call has been diverted to Manoj a superior of Dinesh Jaiswal, the conversation was aimed to get the information regarding the funding, specifically “is it possible for the ministry to sign a contract with firm, but use that to do “Individual reputation management“

Representative of silver touch have confirmed that it is possible to Manage individually as they are doing in haryana, then NDTV correspondent asked is it necessary to mention this reputation management tasks in contract, then the silver touch representative recommended to a proxy name they always consider terming “Content something” referring to “Content Management”.

HOWEVER after visiting their office and asking comments on issue from firm, silver touch’s Delhi branch mananger officials have assured that their firm is not into  “social media promotions” and even though the firm’s employees Himanshu Jain & Bhargav Jain are tweeting Pro BJP tweets during office hours they are doing at their personal capacity.

Even Himanshu jain responded that bhargav jain and himself although tweets pro BJP they  do it at their own capacity and never been paid for it and no BJP IT cell member employed by the company.

“BJP IT cell doesn’t engage PR firms to drive social media engagements and all efforts are Volunteer-Driven” responded Amit Malviya, National Convener, IT cell BJP, to questionnaire sent by Sreenivasan  Jain’s team, he also stated that “ the line of questioning will make it untenable for any citizen to have a public view on political affairs”.

Social media is going to be much bigger influence in political promotions during elections either in states or central, if these promotions are done by PR Firms under Proxy government’s contracts paid by taxpayers money, then all our ministers are undermining the democracy.

Inputs : NDTV

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