Rahul Gandhi take over as Congress President : Working committee passed a resolution

With gujarat elections ahead and Rahul Gandhi, Vice president of one of the country’s major political party Indian National Congress have been campaigning through the elections effortlessly.

since the party’s defeat in 2014 general election rahul gandhi have elevated himself as a leader in many issues pertaining to politics in India; either its criticizing the prime minister on his economic policies or addressing the students, farmers and other union movements across the country, rahul gandhi have committed himself to make the people of country hear his voice.

CWC meeting at 10, Janpath.

“Only two people can be Congress president, mother or son,” said senior congress leader and diplomat Mani Shankar Aiyar, who was also union minister in PM Dr.Manmohan singh’s first cabinet (2004-2009)  

Sonia gandhi mother of rahul gandhi and current president of INC in her interview with NDTV last month have confirmed that Rahul gandhi is ready to take over as congress president. “You have been asking this for so many years and it’s now happening,” Mrs Gandhi said, smiling, pointing at Rahul Gandhi.

Sonia gandhi is the Indian National Congress Party’s longest-serving president.

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