Rs 25,000 Fine for Ragging Juniors on College campus.

medical students fines rs 25000 for ragging

Administration of Bihar’s ‘Darbhanga Medical College (DMCH) Imposed a fine of Rs.25,000 on each of the 54 Medical students who were allegedly participated in ragging juniors on the college campus; after repeated episodes of harassment by seniors and allegedly directing the juniors to perform embarrassing acts, a first semester student have complained to the authorities at medical council of India.

Third-semester students from Old Girl’s Hostel on campus & around 27 students of first semester were involved in the incident HT reported.

“We have decided to punish the entire batch of women students of first and third semesters collectively, fine of 25,000 Rs has been imposed on each for not reporting the episode & cover up the matter as per the “anti-ragging regulations framed by MCI,” said principal of the college.

Medical council of India has received an email on 11 November 2017 from a first-year female medico about the ragging problems in their campus by third semester students who lived in the same hostel on campus, the MCI have then directed the issue to DMCH administration to take action against the female medicos.

ragging by medical studentsNew students comes to college life with excitement, carrying lots of hopes & dreams. but for most of them their dreams are crumbled at the campus itself by students of the same institutions, Seniors.

Seniors who are supposedly be the guiding colleagues in the academia, for the sake of mere entertainment harrasses the juniors. Serious or terrifying harassing episodes of ragging are mostly directed to perform embarrassing acts to them self or with other students, these incidents are repeated almost everyday, this continual disturbance in students life results in loss of peace, lack of concentration on studies and the probable loss of self-confidence, these psychological effects will eventually affect negatively on their academic progression and some lead to suicides.

Management of education centers around the country is crumbling, most of the well funded colleges have organised anti ragging squads to protect their students from these on campus harassments. although many victims come forward with numerous complaints of ragging most of these complaints are never addressed by administrations, in the midst of this epidemic a medical college management in response to directives from higher authorities imposing fine of this magnitude(Rs.13.50 lakh collectively) is definitely a leap forward.

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