Secret Superstar Movie Review : Emotions of Dream With Entertainment

Secret Superstar Movie Review

Secret Superstar Movie Review : Hello, We at Kickkey presenting Secret Superstar Movie Review. Aamir Khan is all set to put a new record of emotions entertainment in his movie Secret Superstar which is considered to the best Diwali gift for Aamir’s fans.
So why to wait, let’s know the  Secret Superstar Movie Review report.

Secret Superstar Movie Review

Secret Superstar Cast And Crew

Cast: Aamir Khan, Zaira Wasim, Meher Vij
Director: Avdit Chandan
Producer: Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao, Akash Chawla, Sanjay Kutty, B. Shrinivas Rao
Author: Avdit Chandan
What is special: Performance, Direction
What’s Bad: Some Weak Moments That Have Shown in Second Half
Iconic Moment: When the father of Inssia finds out that his wife has sold the jewellery to buy a laptop for Inssia, that scene will make you cry.

Secret Superstar Movie Review : Story

15-year-old Inssia (Zaira Wasim) living in Vadodara wants to be a popular singer. Her mother Najma(Meher Vij) wants her daughter’s dream come true, but on the other hand his father has created the atmosphere of fear in the house . Whenever the father is not in the house, Teenage Inssia, hes mother and brother are looking for little pleasure to be in love. As Paulo Coello said, “Fight for your dreams and your dreams will fight for you.”

Secret Superstar Movie Review

On the mother’s advice, Inssia puts videos of her song on the Internet in the name of Secret Superstar. Soon her video gets viral and the music director is seen. Will the person be able to fulfill her dreams between these problems?

Secret Superstar Movie Review : Direction

Secret Superstar Movie Review

Secret superstar is on a plot that is totally trio and tested. But Fresh Direction of the unbound sandalwood gives a different angle in the story. The way the scenes has been shown, will always remind you that he work within ‘Perfectionist’. This is a Confident Direction Debut.

Secret Superstar Movie Review : Performance

Secret Superstar Movie Review

In Dangal Zaira Wasim was like a teaser, while her role in the Secret Superstar was spectacular. Aamir Khan is playing a self-obsessed OTT musician in the film. You will enjoy wearing animal print clothes, wearing tight t-shirt. It is very interesting to see them play such a character. In the extended cameo, he also allowed Zaira Wasim to stay in the spotlight. You will remember Mehr Vij who played Munni’s mother in Salman Khan’s movie Bajrangi Bhaijan. Even after experiencing a bad marriage she wants to see her daughter’s dreams come true. Raj Arjun too has played his character well.

Secret Superstar Movie Review : Technical Aspect

Cinematography of Anil Mehta is also very good, but in some places there may be more good editing.

Secret Superstar Movie Review : Music

More than the songs of the movie, the movie acts as a narration.

Secret Superstar Movie Review : Verdict

Among the characters, the emotional conviction has been shown to be very impressive, which will touch your heart. The Secret ‘Superstar will look like you eat a mother’s hand’ which is simple but you would like to eat more.


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