Simran’s Sex Moans Too Noisy For CBFC, Gets 10 Cuts

Sanskari Nature Of CBFC Continues

New Delhi: Sep, 15, 2017


It seems that sanskari nature of Central Board of Film and Certification to be continued despite the change in chairmanship in the board. The latest victim of the board is Simran. Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming film Simran is reportedly the latest sufferer to face the barbarous scissors of censor board.

The board under the newly appointed chairman Prasoon Joshi recommended 10 cuts in the film, though all of which have been accepted by the filmmakers but the question remains on the style of function of the CBFC.

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As per the report published in Deccan Chronicle, the board in its recommendations asked the film makers to omit the word b*tch in six places.

A source from the film told the daily that derogating women by gesture or language will never be permissible  under any guideline, it does not matter who is heading the board weither it Pahlaj or Prasoon.

While recommending the above cuts, the board also made some unbelievable recommendations as it asked the film makers to reduce the loud moans of the film character during sex. Justifying the order, the board reportedly asked the film makers that the sound effect made the sex scene more provocative than it actually was so it was asked to be toned down. Film makers also reportedly asked to tone down the sound effects of a slap in a scene.

It was expected that change in the chairmanship of the board would also bring a change in the functioning of the board after the removal of Pahlaj Nihalani as chairman whose tenure will be remembered as a strict and controversial.

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Simran is the story of a woman who has a gambling problem. She wants more freedom in her life. Having this nature, she happened to be in debts and then involved in the criminal activities, but the film essentially is all about hope and search of happiness.

The Director of the film Hansal Mehta says, “I believe people will relate to it because all of us are in search of happiness.”

Watch out the trailer of Simran here:

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