Soon Upgrade To Air India For Unconfirmed Rajdhani Tickets

Passengers with Unconfirmed Rajdhani Tickets Upgraded To Air India

New Delhi: Oct 23, 2017

Rajdhani Express

India is a home of very huge population. So resource management is getting tough it could be managed if all our infrastructural facilities operate in line with one another.

On this plan, if it can implemented successfully, can make lives of railway passengers a lot easier.

Passenger having unconfirmed AC-I or AC-II tickets for Rajdhani Express soon be able to fly their destinations.

The demand-supply gap in Indian Railways is so huge which results a large number of passengers not getting their Rajdhani tickets confirmed. At the same time, Air India flying with low occupancy rate of passengers.

Air India

Ashwani Lohani, a 1980-batch Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers officer came with an idea to integrating these two issues, an idea that contact details of all the passengers with an unconfirmed Rajdhani ticket will be shared with Air India so that they could be offered to fly to their destination after paying the additional amount.

Mr. Lohani had proposed this idea when he was Air India chairman, but Indian Railways wasn’t ready for it. Now Mr. Lohani is the chairman of the railway board, has said that Railways will accept the plan if Air India puts it up again!

If this plan implemented successfully, it can do a lot for Rajdhani passengers.

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