Taj Mahal Is The Jewel Of India: UP Governor

UP Governor Ram Naik said Taj Mahal Is The Jewel Of India


Jaunpur: Oct 28, 2017 (PTI)

Two days after the UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath visited the 17th century Mughal era monument Taj Mahal hailing it as a gem; Uttar Pradesh Governor Ram Naik today described the monument as “the Jewel of the country”.

Mr. Naik who inaugurated a seminar here at Vir Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University said that the 17th century Mughal era monument is a heritage of the country and this fact cannot be ignored.
While speaking to the reporters, Mr. Naik said: “Taj Mahal is the jewel of the country from the global point of view…Prime Minister and CM have also clarified this.”
Earlier, UP Chief Minister Adityanath visited Agra, amid the controversy over Taj Mahal and he swept the road outside the Taj Mahal. Mr. Adityanath also went inside the monument and termed the 17th century monument as a gem and an integral part of Indian culture.

Notably, it is the first visit of Taj Mahal by a BJP chief minister amid the controversy over the monument as some of the ruling party’s leaders and ministers made provocative statements against the Mughal era monument famed as a symbol of love.

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The controversy began over Taj when UP tourism department booklet dropped the white marble monument from the list of historical monuments and development projects in the state. Soon after the statement made by one of the ruling party MLA over Taj Mahal, CM’s decision to visit the Taj Mahal was announced.

Controversy had erupted over Taj Mahal when BJP MLA Sangeet Som said that the Taj Mahal is a blot on Indian culture and was built by traitors. The history would be rewritten to erase the Taj Mahal from it. Another BJP leader Vinay Katiyar also had described the Taj Mahal as a Shiva Temple.

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