Will ABVP be a threat again in next year JNUSU Elections?


Till yesterday there was a great fear of ABVP a right wing student organization in JNU. The thread was so immense that the whole debate of student union hovered only around the fascist intervention to the society and particularly on JNU. However today JNU has rejected the communal hate mongering politics of ABVP out rightly. A student organization blamed for lumpenism in and around the campuses, defending every move of administration and government’s anti-student policies still get hold in universities is surprising. A student does not only read and learn about the reality of the society but in the worst their intellect can at least make them aware of their own interest.

In JNU itself, a student is disappeared just after he is beaten by students from ABVP. More than 900 students are forced to leave the campus as a massive seat cut takes place in the university due to UGC recommendation. Seats for national eligibility test (NET) are reduced from 15% to 6%. NET exams are also converted to an annual exam from half yearly. Due to government policies mess bill of the students is sky rocketing. And many several things which are completely against student’s interest are carried out by the government which is supported by the ABVP. But still ABVP was an electoral threat to this campus throughout the election. Major left parties leading the student union for long in JNU form a front and contested election on single issue of resisting ABVP in the campus. Earlier for many years the electoral debate used to be with in left has now taken face of left vs. right. These same union leading forces shows distrust on students and project ABVP a threat to polarise votes in their favour.

ABVP being in the debate also get benefited but it actually resists new entrants in this campus. For many years throughout the year debate continues around representation or making the university more inclusive but it dies by election time. Several demands to facilitate the students further or the failure of outgoing union disappears in the veil of this anti- ABVP slogan.

Resisting each other actually keeps both the ABVP and left organization alive. This year too, these winning left organizations would congratulate the student community for defying the politics of hate and defeating the fascist, anti-student force out rightly but again next year brings them as a biggest threat to win the election with huge margin. The circle continues and left keeps the right alive. At least in this campus

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